This template is used to create Duty Officer portrait icons.

  1. Name of the duty officer. The image to be displayed is chosen according to the following:
    • If the doff has a properly formatted page that sets Property:Has image, this is what the template will use.
    • If there is a file called this + " icon.png" or + ".png", it will be used.
    • In all other cases, a question mark image will be displayed.
  2. Primary department of the doff. This is used to determine the portrait background. Any of these values are valid: Tactical, Engineering, Science, None. If no primary department is given, the background will be black.
  3. Faction of the Boff. This is used to select the corect frame and background image. Valid values are: Federation, Klingon, Romulan. If no valid faction is given, Federation is assumed.
  4. Quality of the doff. Used for selecting the correct frame. Valid values are: white, common, green, uncommon, blue, rare, purple, veryrare. If no valid quality is selected, white is assumed.
  5. Icon width. This can either be a value in pixels, or one of the following constants: full, half, third, quarter.


{{dofficon|Britney Donetta Panela|Science|Federation|common}} produces:

{{dofficon|Britney Donetta Panela|none|Federation|veryrare|100px}} produces:

{{dofficon|Britney Donetta Panela|Tactical|Klingon|common|half}} produces:

{{dofficon|Rulian Mazan|Science|Federation|common}} produces:

{{dofficon|Rulian Mazan|none|Federation|veryrare|100px}} produces:

{{dofficon|Rulian Mazan|Tactical|Klingon|common|half}} produces:

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