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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Doffpage/doc (edit):

This template is used to lay out a page for a duty officer and assign the appropriate information to relevant properties. All duty officer pages should use this template for all of the information on the page, due to its use by Form:Duty officer.


  |lname=the logical name string of the duty officer (not available through the game UI, leave this blank if you don't know)
  |name=name of duty officer (optional: if omitted, uses the page title)
  |imageindex=index the image file (optional: if supplied, uses Doffshot_FACTIONCODE_SPECIES_GENDER_imageindex; if omitted, uses image parameter below; for reference see STOWiki:Doff icon index)
  |image=name of the image file (optional: if omitted, uses either imageindex parameter, or if omitted - the page title + .png)
  |faction=United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, All, Cross-Faction
  |quality=Common/Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare/Ultra Rare/Epic (older pages use colors, deprecated; for reference the mappings are: White = Common, Green = Uncommon, Blue = Rare, Purple = Very Rare, Violet = Ultra Rare, Gold = Epic)
  |species=The officer's species
  |gender=Male or Female
  |rankoverride=Optional, the officer's rank if the default one deduced from "quality" does not apply (e.g. Lo'nek)
  |deptoverride=Optional, the officer's department if the default one deduced from "spec" does not apply (e.g. Emergency R&D Hologram: Quartermaster (FED))
  |r&d=optional, include if doff has an R&D School (most don't; out of: Aegis/Beam Weapons/Cannon Weapons/Engineering/Ground Equipment/Projectile Weapons/Science/Shields)
  |powertype=none/1/2/3/4/unique (numbers identify which common power for the specialization this officer has)
*Check the specialization pages (e.g. Specialization: Advisor) to see which number is connected to which power
  |spec=The officer's specialization (e.g. Advisor)
  |powerdesc1=first part of the power description (include only if different from the standard for the spec)
  |powerdesc2=second part of the power description (include only if different from the standard for the spec)
  |traits=trait1, trait2, trait3, ... Use the in-game names, not the wiki page names.
  |exchangeable=yes/no/nondom (some Bind on Pickup officers cannot be exchanged for lower/higher rarity at Personnel Officer. Some can only be exchanged by non-Dominion captains, e.g. Kaitlyn Eloise McMillan)
  |flavor=Quote next to doff image (include only if exists in-game, below the power description)
*note2 (the notes section is optional)
*link2 (the links section is optional)

Note: The Both value for faction is supported for backwards compatibility. It means the same thing as All or Cross-Faction.

Example 1

Usage of 'imageindex':

|faction=Klingon Empire
|traits=Cunning, Emotional, Unscrupulous
|notes=* This duty officer is awarded to {{klgonly}} [[Klingon]] captains for completing {{Crossfaction}} {{Mission|First Complement}}.

Results in: Koranos

Example 2

|faction=United Federation of Planets
|spec=Systems Engineer
|traits=Aggressive, Efficient, Logical, Resolve, Unscrupulous
|notes=*This duty officer can be used to craft high-level items in the [[File:School - Engineering Icon.png|20px]] [[Engineering School|R&D: Engineering]] School.
*This duty officer is a random drop from the {{item|Krenim Temporal Specialist (Duty Officer)||very rare}} itempack which is obtainable as a random drop from the {{item|Year of Hell Lock Box||common}} or the {{item|Infinity Lock Box||common}}.

Results in: Lipeuloya

Example 3

|spec=Warfare Master
|traits=Aggressive, Resilient, Resolve, Shroud
|flavor="With the fate of the founders with you. I will follow."
|notes=*This duty officer is obtained from the [[Gamma Recruitment]] by achieving Rank 4 in six [[Commendation]] categories with a Gamma recruit Jem'Hadar character (claimed via [[Dominion Transponder]]).
* Once unlocked, other characters on the account can claim him from [[Philip Crey]], [[Q'on]] or [[Kail]] (depending on the faction).
* It can be slotted into both Ground and Space active duty slot.

Results in: Elder Malik'itan

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