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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Dofftraiticontextlink/doc (edit):

This template is used in duty officer tables to format the trait lists. It displays the appropriate icon next to the text link, which is displayed in a smaller font.


{{Dofftraiticontextlink|page name}}


{{Dofftraiticontextlink|Trait: Emotional/doff}}


There is an alternative usage provided to deal with an unusual problem: hiding a trait from the list of results returned by a semantic query. When a semicolon is included and the part before is the same as the part after, the template stops processing and returns nothing. Be warned this is an ugly hack needed by {{doffsbytraitrow}}; it's best to avoid doing this kind of thing except where necessary.

Alternative Usage:

{{Dofftraiticontextlink|page name;page name to exclude}}


{{Dofftraiticontextlink|Trait: Founders of the Federation/doff;Trait: Founders of the Federation/doff}}