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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Dofftraitpairnav/doc (edit):

This template creates a navigation box linking to pages that list duty officers having a pair of traits. This template does not generate a list of all of those pages, but simply the possible pairings with the single given trait.

{{dofftraitpairnavitem}} is used to format the individual links which are returned by a semantic query.


{{dofftraitpairnav|trait name}}


Duty officers who are Aggressive and:
Cold BloodedCongenialCunningDominion FugitiveEfficientEidetic MemoryEmotionalFounders of the FederationFree-ThinkerHonorableLogicalPeacefulPerfectionistPhotonicResilientResolveSeductiveShroudSpiritualStubbornTactfulTeamworkTelekinesisTelepathicUnrulyUnscrupulous
Duty officers who are Seductive and:
AggressiveCold BloodedCongenialCunningDominion FugitiveEfficientEidetic MemoryEmotionalFounders of the FederationFree-ThinkerHonorableLogicalPeacefulPerfectionistPhotonicResilientResolveShroudSpiritualStubbornTactfulTeamworkTelekinesisTelepathicUnrulyUnscrupulous