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+Phaser Damage consoles
Category Icon Console name Effects
Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay icon.png
Common icon.png
Phaser Relay +3.8% to +39.4% Phaser Damage
Console - Tactical - Auto Targeting Module icon.png
Rare icon.png
Auto Targeting Module [Phaser] +18.8% to +25% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Ordnance Accelerator icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Ordnance Accelerator
 Part of a set (Task Force Ordinances).
+20% Phaser Directed Energy Weapon Damage
Console - Tactical - Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay
 Part of a set (Counter-Command Ordnance).
+13.1% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Quantum Phase Converter icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Quantum Phase Converter
 Part of a set (Quantum Phase Catalysts).
+20% Phaser Damage
Lock Box
Console - Universal - Approaching Agony icon.png
Epic icon.png
Approaching Agony
 Obtained from the Emperor's Lock Box.
+15% Phaser Damage
Console - Tactical - Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png
Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser [Phaser] +31.9% to +37.5% Phaser Damage
+5.3% to +6.2% Projectile Weapon Damage
Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Exploiter icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png
Vulnerability Exploiter [+Pha] +31.9% to +37.5% Phaser Damage
+8% to +9.4% Critical Severity
Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png
Vulnerability Locator [+Pha] +31.9% to +37.5% Phaser Damage
+1.6% to +1.9% Critical Chance
Console - Universal - Amplifying Ravager Beam icon.png
Epic icon.png
Amplifying Ravager Beam
  NOT bound to the Hur'q Ravager Escort Carrier.
+15% Phaser Weapon Damage
Console - Universal - D.O.M.I.N.O. icon.png
Epic icon.png
  NOT bound to the Bajoran Denorios Interceptor.
+15% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Heavy Phaser Lance icon.png
Epic icon.png
Heavy Phaser Lance
  Limited to the Phantom Intel Escort.
+15% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Immolating Phaser Lance icon.png
Epic icon.png
Immolating Phaser Lance
  NOT bound to the Deimos Pilot Destroyer.
+15.8% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Magnetohydrodynamic Fusion Expulsion icon.png
Epic icon.png
Magnetohydrodynamic Fusion Expulsion
  NOT bound to the Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser.
+15% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Variable Assault Deflector Array icon.png
Epic icon.png
Variable Assault Deflector Array
  NOT bound to the Inquiry Battlecruiser.
+15% Phaser Damage
Console - Universal - Weaponized Helical Torsion icon.png
Epic icon.png
Weaponized Helical Torsion
  NOT bound to the Mirror Crossfield.
+15% Phaser Damage