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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:FactionColor/doc (edit):

Important note: if you add or change a color in this template, please ask an admin to update the appropriate faction styles as well. (Admins, see the bottom of this document for help on these updates.)

This template generates a web-safe color represented as hex-triplet, e.g. "#666" for the "generic" faction. The parameter is automatically converted to lower case, so "Borg", "BORG" and "borg" all yield the same result. The following values are valid for the parameter:

  • apu
  • benthan
  • bluegill
  • borg
  • breen
  • cardassian
  • cooperative
  • cravic
  • deferi
  • devidian
  • dominion
  • drantzuli
  • dsc starfleet
  • elachi
  • federation
  • terran empire
  • fek'ihri
  • ferengi
  • generic
  • gorn
  • hazari
  • hierarchy
  • hirogen
  • hur'q
  • iconian
  • kazon
  • kentari
  • klingon
  • kobali
  • krenim
  • lukari
  • malon
  • monster
  • na'kuhl
  • nausicaan
  • object
  • ocampa
  • octanti
  • orion
  • pralor
  • q
  • reman
  • romulan republic, new romulan, romulan, romulan-all
  • romulan star empire
  • son'a
  • sphere builders
  • starfleet
  • talaxian
  • tholian
  • tos federation
  • true way
  • turei
  • tzenkethi
  • undine
  • vaadwaur
  • vorgon
  • voth
  • vulcan
  • both
  • cross-faction
  • default (no or invalid argument):

Admins: there are styles in both MediaWiki:Hydradark.css and MediaWiki:Mobile.css that needed to be updated. They will be found under this heading:

/* Faction colors *

And a single faction looks something like this:

.generic-info {
  border-color: #666;

.generic, .generic-info .missionname {
  background: #666;

The faction class name (in this case, generic) is generated by running the faction parameter value in most infobox templates through {{Factionclass}} to make it (hopefully) acceptable in CSS. Spaces are replaced with hyphens, apostrophes are completely removed, and all letters are switched to lower case.

So for example:

  • Na'Kuhl would have a class name of nakuhl
  • Sphere Builders would have a class name of sphere-builders

To update, you can just copy and paste the above as a new style in both stylesheets, replacing all instances of generic with the proper faction class name and all instances #666 with the desired color. It is recommended due to the large number of factions that they be kept in alphabetical order.