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List of Fleet actions
PvE queue-name Mission name Faction Type Location
1 "Starbase Fleet Defense" “Starbase Fleet Defense” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Fleet starbase
3 "Starbase 24" “Starbase 24” Faction Starfleet.png QueueSpace.png Starbase 24
Currently not available “Starbase 24 Rescue” QueueGround.png
10 "Mirror Invasion" “Mirror Universe Incursion” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Federation Starbase
10 "Gorn Minefield" “Halting the Gorn Advance” Faction Starfleet.png QueueSpace.png Tostig System
20 "Federation Minefield" “Punch Through the Federation Blockade” Faction KDF.png QueueSpace.png Yov'bot System
20 "Klingon Scout Force" “Slowing the Expeditionary Force” Faction Starfleet.png QueueSpace.png Laurentian System
"Breaking the Planet" “Breaking the Planet” QueueGround.png
Faction KDF.png QueueGround.png Teroka System
30 "Romulan Temple" “The Big Dig” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueGround.png Hyralan Sector
30 Currently not available “Foxes and Hounds” Faction Starfleet.png QueueSpace.png Deep Space 9
“DS9 under Siege!” QueueGround.png
50 Currently not available “Fluidic Space Fleet Action” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Pelia Sector
50 "Crystalline Catastrophe" “Crystalline Catastrophe” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Teneebia Sector
50 "Mine Trap" “Mine Trap” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueGround.png Hfihar System
50 "Vault Shuttle Event" “Vault Shuttle Event” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png The Vault
50 "Rhi Atmosphere Event" “Rhi Atmosphere Event” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Rhi System
50 "Defend Rh'Ihho Station" “Defend Rh'Ihho Station” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueGround.png Rh'Ihho Station
50 Currently not available “Elachi Alert” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Jouret System
50 "Storming the Spire" “Storming the Spire” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Solanae Dyson Sphere
50 "The Breach" “The Breach” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Solanae Dyson Sphere