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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Gw sets/doc (edit):

Gw sets is a template used on ground weapon articles. It should be placed under "Performance" section to show which set bonuses affect weapon covered in that article.

  • Usage example: {{Gw sets|Phaser}}
...will add the following table:
v · d · e
Set Passive Effects
8472 Counter-Command Elite - Set 2 Bio-Molecular Conduits +10% Phaser Damage, +5% Critical Chance
Terran Task Force Special Ops - Set 2 Interference Algorithm +8.8% Phaser Damage
Crystalline Nanofiber Shell - Set 2 Absorption Lattice When receiving damage, 50% chance to grant: +5% All Damage (100% for Environmental damage)
Furtive Perseverance - Set 2 Prepared Strikes +10%/+20% CritH/CrtD while Stealthed and not moving. (Doubled if also Crouched)
Gamma Concerted Armaments - Set 2 Concerted Reinforcements To Team and Self (stacks with teammates): +10% All Weapon Damage
Iconian Resistance Elite - Set 2 Reinforced Combat Circuitry +5% Armor Penetration
Jem'Hadar Armored Shroud - Set 2 Jem'Hadar Shroud When receiving any damage, 7.5% chance: +15% All Damage for 8 sec
Klingon Honor Guard (Ground) / Adapted M.A.C.O. (Ground) - Set 3 Blood of the Warrior +2.5% Bonus All Damage, +0% Bonus All Damage (bonus increases as you take damage), +2% Critical Chance, +20% Critical Severity
Na'kuhl Temporal Operative - Set 2 Agent's Training +2% Critical Chance, +30% Critical Severity
Omega Force (Ground) - Set 3 Team Ambush Field +2.5% Critical Chance, +2.5% Critical Severity
Romulan Imperial Navy - Set 2 Integrated Tactical Support While Crouching, +30% Critical Severity

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