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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Iconlink/doc (edit):

The Iconlink template creates an item icon image with a rarity border overlay. Unlike Template:Icon, it is not a floating element, meaning the icon can be placed between text where needed. There are 5 parameters:

  1. The name of the item. If omitted, uses the current page name
  2. The icon size in pixels
  3. The rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Ultra Rare, Unique) - case-insensitive
  4. Mk Level. If omitted or missing, will use the base image
  5. The article to link to (optional, by default this is identical to the first parameter)

Successful display of the icon requires the corresponding file to have been uploaded as: File:<name> icon.png (without the "<>"), e.g. File:Random Reward icon.png

Note that the icon size and item Mk are swapped compared to Template:Icon.

Example usage:

{{iconlink|Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue}}
{{iconlink|No Icon For This}}
{{iconlink|Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue|25px}}
{{iconlink|Random Reward|25px}}
{{iconlink|Tetryon Beam Array||very rare}}
{{iconlink|Disruptor Turret|||Mk X}}
{{iconlink|Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons||||Dual Heavy Cannons}}


Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue icon.pngCommon icon.png No icon.pngCommon icon.png Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue icon.pngCommon icon.png Random Reward icon.pngCommon icon.png Tetryon Beam Array icon.pngVery rare icon.png Disruptor Turret Mk X icon.pngCommon icon.png Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons icon.pngCommon icon.png