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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Iconlink2/doc (edit):

This template is used to create an icon that also links to its corresponding page. The provided parameter is required and should be the item's main article title. The icon should be named properly, such as Item Name icon.png.

Unlike Template:Iconlink, this does not check to make sure the icon exists and will create a redlink if it doesn't. On the other hand, this can be used on pages that need to use a very large number of icons (at least 100, or possibly less on pages that use expensive parser functions elsewhere).

{{{1}}} Name of the item.
{{{2}}} Icon size. 49px is default value.
{{{3}}} Link to different page. It also shows infobox of the page it links to. Name of the item is default value.

Example usage:

{{iconlink2|Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue}}
{{iconlink2|Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue|25px}}


Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue icon.png Phaser Beam Array Standard Issue icon.png