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Template Description

This template is used to generate Mission wiki links.


{{mission|Name of mission|Differing display text, optional|Faction icon, optional}}


  • {{mission|The Cure (Federation)|The Cure}}
    will produce: “The Cure”
Icon codes
Aim Code Result
Cross-Faction Content Cross-faction Faction Khitomer.png
Federation-aligned FED-Allies Faction FED-Allies.png
Klingon-aligned KDF-Allies Faction KDF-Allies.png
Starfleet (all) FED Faction FED.png
Starfleet (25c) FED25 Faction FED25.png
DSC Starfleet only DSC Faction DSC.png
TOS Starfleet only FED23 Faction FED23.png
Klingon Defense Force only KDF Faction KDF.png
Romulan Republic only ROM Faction Romulan Republic.png
Dominion only Dominion Faction Dominion.png