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Impulse engine modifiers

Some Impulse Engines may have additional modifiers that either increase existing bonuses or add new ones. Uncommon engines will have one modifier, Rare will have two, Very Rare three, and Ultra Rare four. All Epic Engines have [SecSpd-2] as their default fifth modifier, though this can be re-engineered into a different modifier. Below are examples of Impulse Engine modifiers. Some Engines and modifiers boost Skills by a certain amount, based on Mark level. Refer to the table above for these values.

Modifier Effect
[Aux] Thrusters: 25% speed when engines are disabled.
[Spd] +10% Flight Speed.[mods 1]
[Turn] +0.3 to Flight Turn Rate[mods 2]
[Full] +7.33̄ + 0.766̄×Mk to Full Impulse Flight Speed.[mods 3]
Crafted Engines
Available on Engines crafted from the R&D Engineering School.
Crafted mods cannot be rerolled via re-engineering.
[Damp] +33 Starship Drain Expertise [mods 4]
[Inertia] +10 Inertia Rating
Special Engines only (Fleet, Reputation)
[+CRes] 10% resistance to Control Effects
[mods 5]
+3.8 Weapon Power Setting
+3.8 Shield Power Setting
+3.8 Auxiliary Power Setting
[mods 6]
+20% Flight Speed when environmental hazards prevent use of Full Impulse.
[mods 7]
+X Sector Space Travel Speed
[mods 8]
+__% Shield Resistance (based on Throttle)
Epic Impulse Engines
[SedSpd-2] +X×2 Starship Impulse Expertise
+X×2 Sector Space Travel Speed
This is the default Epic modifier for Impulse Engines.
The other must be obtained by re-engineering your Engine.
[Turn/Spd] +10% Flight Speed
+10% Turn Rate
Mark level of item X =
Mk I 1.9
Mk II 2.5
Mk III 3.1
Mk IV 3.75
Mk V 4.4
Mk VI 5
Mk VII 5.6
Mk VIII 6.25
Mk IX 6.9
Mk X 7.5
Mk XI 8.1
Mk XII 8.75
Mk XIII 9.4
Mk XIV 10

  1. Can appear twice on one engine, though Fleet Engines and some special engines have 3 or more innate or added [Spd] mods, and engines can be re-engineered to have more. After calculating the base speed for the Engine's Mark level, the game will add 10% for one [Spd] modifier, 20% for [Spd]x2, and so forth. Thus, final speed for standard Impulse Engines will be (7.5+0.375*Mk) + N*0.1*(7.5+0.375*Mk), where N is the number of [Spd] modifiers. This formula works up to Mk XII; Mk XIII items are treated as if they were Mk XVI (16), while Mk XIV items as if they were Mk XXIII (23); for Combat and Hyper-Impulse engines, respectively adding or subtracting 1 Mk level from the final formula will give you a close approximation.
  2. Engines have a base 4.5 Turn rate; one [Turn] modifier will give them 4.8, and two 5.1, regardless of Mk level. Can appear twice on one engine, though Fleet Engines and some special engines have 3 or more innate or added [Turn] mods, and engines can be re-engineered to have more.
  3. Can appear up to 4 times on one Engine. As with [Spd], Mk XIII acts like Mk XVI and Mk XIV like Mk XXIII, so Mk XIII [Full] adds 19.5, Mk XIV adds 24.8. The number displayed rounds to the nearest tenth. For example, [Impulse Engines Mk IV [Full]] would receive a bonus of 10.4.
  4. Does not scale with Mk level. Previously Starship Inertial Dampers.
  5. Integrated into Efficient Impulse Engines, and can be found on Elite Fleet Efficient Engines.
  6. Integrated into Dynamic Reroute Impulse Engines, and can be found on Jem'Hadar Combat Impulse Engines [Rrt].
  7. Found on: Integrated into:
  8. Can be found on Elite Fleet Protomatter Engines. This modifier gives 0.15% Shield Hardness per 1% of Throttle up to a maximum of 15% Shield Hardness at full throttle.

An Uncommon Modifiers/Impulse Engine will have one modifier suffix, Rare will have two, and Very Rare will have three. Rare and Very Rare can have multiples of the same suffix, and stacked suffixes are added together, not multiplied.