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This template automatically generates the Tactical Mode section for Science Destroyer pages. Place it under the Abilities heading on the ship page and it will grab most of the info it needs from the inputs supplied to Template:Shiptypeinfo. It requires two parameter:

  • The first is the parenthetical used in the ability name and icon, which also determines the correct details to display.
  • The second is the magnitude of the swap between weapons and auxiliary power. Will default to 10 if not supplied.

For example, on the Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer page, {{Science Destroyer section|Crossfield|15}} is used.


  • This template is for modern Tier 6 Science Destroyers only, please do not place it on the Tier 5 Science Destroyer/Warbird pages.
  • This template will not display the correct bridge officer seating on a Science Destroyer with two Lieutenant Commander Tactical stations, or two Commander Science stations. Should one be released, please leave a note on the talk page so it can be adjusted.