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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Settable/doc (edit):

This template is used on the Set page to add a new row to the table.


  • set - set name
  • faction - add faction name if set is limited to a specific-faction; cross-faction sets should have no icon
  • abilities - set bonus abilities
  • item1, item1+, item1++, item1+++, item2, item2+, item3, item4, item4+ - item name
  • rarity1, rarity2, rarity3, rarity4 - quality of the item, veryrare is default value
  • obtained+, obtained1, obtained2, obtained3, obtained4 - where the item is obtained from, use obtained+ if all items have the same source
3x Weapon and Shield sets
Set Name Weapon Weapon Weapon Shield
Sompek Arena Warrior


Sompek Pulsewave icon.png

[Sompek Pulsewave]
OBTAINED: Phoenix Prize Pack

Sompek Blast Assault icon.png

[Sompek Blast Assault]
OBTAINED: Weekend Event Store

Tsunkatse Gloves icon.png

[Tsunkatse Gloves]
OBTAINED: Weekend Event Store

Sompek Personal Shield icon.png

[Sompek Personal Shield]
OBTAINED: Weekend Event Store