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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:ShipGroup/doc (edit):

Template use is for linking notable ship families across tiers. Examples being Galaxy (Enterprise D), the Defiant, the Bird-of-Prey or the Intrepid class (Voyager). These are linked by being derived from a common, often canon, design with many (but not necessarily all) being inter-operable in some way (consoles, kitbash, etc.)

| faction =
| commonname =
| formalname =
| tier1 =
| tier2 =
| tier3 =
| tier4 =
| tier5 =
| tier6 =
| related =

Note that "Common Name" (what a casual fan would refer to it as) is linked to a category. New categories should be placed under Category:Playable starships by design family. Formal name is what Cryptic refers to the family as (e.g. Galaxy Class being termed Exploration Cruisers). Under related, include any mobs, console sets and the key notable ship that is iconic for the class (Voyager for Intrepid) where applicable.