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This template creates an infobox for a Space Station. It is intended only for articles in the main namespace.


 | name =         Space Station name (Defaults to page name)
 | faction =      Starfleet/Klingon/Romulan Republic/Cross-Faction, or other valid faction (Required)
 | location =     Location of the Space Station (Article link)
 | system =       Planetary System (Article link) (omitted if same as 'location')
 | sector =       Sector within the Sector Block (Article link) (omitted if same as 'location')
 | status =       Is it still in active service? Has it been destroyed?
 | image =        Defaults to ''pagename.png''
 | map =          Optional map. Eg: ''pagename map.png''
 | bank =         Y/N - Has a Bank terminal?
 | mail =         Y/N - Has a Mail terminal?
 | exchange =     Y/N - Has an Exchange terminal?
 | vendors =      Y/N - Has a Vendor? (or several)
 | tailor =       Y/N - Has a Tailor?
 | shipyard =     Y/N - Has a Shipyard or Shipyard services?
 | sickbay =      Y/N - Has a Sickbay or Chief Medical Officer?
 | skilltrainer = Y/N - Has a Skill Trainer? (Respec)
 | bofftrainer =  Y/N - Has a Bridge Officer Trainer?
 | boffvendor =   Y/N - Has a Bridge Officer Vendor?
 | personnel =    Y/N - Has a Personnel Officer? (Duty Officer Assignment Giver)
 | doffvendor =   Y/N - Has a Duty Officer Vendor?
 | security =     Y/N - Has a Security Officer? (Duty Officer Assignment Giver)
 | fleet =        Y/N - Has a Fleet Ambassador?
 | crafting =     Y/N - Has Crafting terminals?
 | dabo =         Y/N - Has Dabo?


  • The template also allows the addition of the following, which will silently add the article to appropriate categories.
    • hub = Y/N - Is this Space station also a Hub?