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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Storeitem/doc (edit):

This template should be used in Store tables. Use it with the {{storedoffitem}}, {{storeheader}} and {{storefooter}} templates. If icons won't show on the page, resource limit has been reached, so switch to a lighter version of this template: {{storeitem2}}.

The variables used are:

  1. base name to item article
  2. mk level
  3. modifiers (e.g, [Acc], [CrtH])
  4. rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic
  5. price
  6. optional alternative icon prefix (e.g. for ship or power stores)

Example: The following code

{{storeitem|Phaser Beam Array|Mk I|[CrtH]|Uncommon|3,000 {{EC}}}}
{{storeitem|Phaser Beam Array|Mk II|2x[CrtH]|Rare|5,000 {{EC}}}}
{{storeitem|Phaser Beam Array|Mk III|3x[CrtH]|Epic|7,000 {{EC}}}}
{{storeitem|Cruiser|||Common|9,000 {{EC}}|Ship}}
{{storedoffitem|Britney Donetta Panela|Science|Federation|veryrare|11,000 {{EC}}}}


Icon Name Price
Phaser Beam Array Mk I icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Phaser Beam Array Mk I [CrtH]] 3,000 Energy credit icon.png
Phaser Beam Array Mk II icon.png
Rare icon.png
[Phaser Beam Array Mk II 2x[CrtH]] 5,000 Energy credit icon.png
Phaser Beam Array Mk III icon.png
Legendary icon.png
[Phaser Beam Array Mk III 3x[CrtH]] 7,000 Energy credit icon.png
Ship icon.png
Common icon.png
[Cruiser] 9,000 Energy credit icon.png
Doff science federation bg.png
Britney Donetta Panela icon.png
Doff common federation overlay.png
Doff veryrare overlay.png
[Britney Donetta Panela] 11,000 Energy credit icon.png