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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Sw overlay/doc (edit):

Sw overlay is a template used on space weapon articles, currently covering only Energy weapons.


  • BA, DBB, C, DC, DHC, T, OB, WA - are acronyms for different types of weapons. Add full weapon name here, which will then show icon and infobox of the same name (if they exist).
  • flavor - damage type dealt by this weapon (Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Polaron, Tetryon, Antiproton, Proton)
  • description - first part: information about that particular weapon type, often related to item's proc or unique modifier. Second: ==Obtained== section which shows info on acquiring the item. Reputation and Lock Box weapons use a {{Sw obtain}} template inside the Obtained section.
  • mods - creates modifiers section. See {{Energy weapon modifiers}} for info on which parameter to use here (allowed values: Standard, StandardNonCrafted, Hybrid, HybridVR, Special, SpecialVR, Elite and CraftedVR)
  • mods+ - optional, to add a text inside a Modifier section, between heading and standard modifiers text.
  • proc - optional, used for weapons with drain proc. It adds proc table with the following format: Template:Shipdrainproc/NAME.
  • note - optional, room to add Notes section (level 2 heading needs to be added manually).
  • gallery - optional, room to add Gallery section (level 2 heading needs to be added manually).
  • link - optional, room to add external link inside a dedicated section.


Template in action:

{{Sw overlay
|BA=Corrosive Plasma Beam Array
|DBB=Corrosive Dual Plasma Beam Bank
|C=Corrosive Plasma Cannon
|DC=Corrosive Plasma Dual Cannons
|DHC=Corrosive Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons
|T=Corrosive Plasma Turret
|description=Corrosive weaponry has a chance to apply a low-damage plasma burn while gradually eating through the target's damage resistance. The debuff becomes more powerful the longer it remains in effect.
{{Sw obtain|Lock Box|type=Corrosive|flavor=Plasma|box=Corrosive Plasma|lb=Delta Expedition}}

See Corrosive Plasma weapons (space) for output of this template.

For weapons with Omni beam and Wide-arc cannons in the set, add OB and WA parameters.

{{Sw overlay
|OB=Omni-Directional Isolytic Plasma Beam Array
|WA=Wide Arc Isolytic Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons

See Isolytic Plasma weapons (space) for output.