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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Video/doc (edit):

This Template creates a Videobox with a Video.


Usage of: {{video|service=youtube|id=flCRBNONazc|align=right|title=Demo|dim=320|text=German Official Trailer to Agents of Yesterday}}



German Official Trailer to Agents of Yesterday


  • service: Default is set to Youtube. Available Values: Youtube, Twitch, jwplayer, bing, blip,vimeo, videomaten, und some more.
  • id: The id of Service for the Video (required)
  • align: There are three values: right, left, center. (not required)
  • text: A Description-Text (not requred, default is Youtube Video)
  • title: The Title of the Box, that viewed. (Optional)
  • dim: Dimension of the video, default is 480px (Width). Other options are Number1xNumber2 for Width (Number1) x Height(Number2), or height only: xNumner -the char x must be written before the number. (not required)

Additional Documentation for Edit the Template, or Description

see The MediaWiki Article for EmbedVideo