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This page is for the NPC starship. For the playable vessel, see Paradox Temporal Dreadnought.
Terran Empire Paradox-class
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Acquired from the visitors from the future, the Paradox Temporal Dreadnought is one of the strongest and most advanced Terran Empire's starship designs. Vessels of this type are capable of supporting the rest of the fleet with great ease, confusing most of the Empire's foes using a wide range of abilities which give them control over both space and time. However, as the supply is limited, these Dreadnoughts are used in only the most dire situations, when they are the last chance of turning the tide of the battle in the favor of the Empire.




Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
50 - - -
60 - - -

Missions involved[]

  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Counterpoint”: Unsatisfied with the results of her attack on Deep Space 9, Leeta uses last of her available resources, opening a large transdimensional rift and bringing a Terran fleet to end what she has begun. Temporal Dreadnought leads one of these attack squadrons.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png "Badlands Battlezone": When the Alliance takes control over all capture points, Leeta brings three Imperial starbases into Normal Universe with attack squadrons to protect them. Temporal Dreadnoughts are sometimes held back as a last line of defense, protected inside the same force field as the starbase itself.

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