Teplan System

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Faction Neutral.pngTeplan System
Kendari Sector
Gamma Quadrant

Kendari Galaxy Map.png

The Teplan System is a system in the Kendari Sector of the Gamma Quadrant is home to the Teplan, a race punished for their resistance to the Dominion with a Blight. The disease infected every Teplan child while still in the womb. When the Blight "Quickened", it became incredibly painful and destroyed their body. The Teplans had become obsessed with death until Julian Bashir managed to develop a vaccine. This meant that no future Teplan children would have to suffer the Blight. Meanwhile, Bashir continued work on developing a cure for the remaining Teplans. ("The Quickening")

Other mentions[edit | edit source]

  • Vorta Log: Kendari Sector: From time to time, the foolhardy come to believe that they can defy the will of the Founders; that somehow they will succeed where others failed utterly. The Teplans were that foolish - once. In response, the Jem'Hadar devastated their world with a blight. Were it not for Starfleet meddling, the ruins of Teplan would serve as an eternal reminder to those who would defy the will of gods.

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