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Terran Empire Terran Armitage Class Strike Wing Escort
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Escort (Mob)
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The Imperial Terran Armitage Class Strike Wing Escort is a medium-sized, heavily armed vessel equivalent to the Federation Armitage Class Strike Wing Escort. Being an escort, the ship is highly maneuverable and an outspoken damage-dealer. Thus, the Terran Escort's weakness are its shields.

Imperial vessels are typically armed with Phaser Beam Arrays and Quantum Torpedo Launchers, and have been observed using Beam Array: Fire at Will II and Torpedo High Yield II. Armitage Class Strike Wing Escorts can also use Torpedo Point Defense System, and can launch Terran Peregrine Fighters to assist them in battle.



Hull strength[]

Missions involved[]

  • Terran Armitage Class Strike Wing Escorts appear throughout the Badlands Battlezone alongside other Terran vessels.
  • They may also (semi-rarely) appear as part of the attacking forces in Mission: Counterpoint.

Vessels of the class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
ISS Armitage.png Armitage-class I.S.S. Armitage (default)



  • On June 29th, 2012, the appearance of all Terran ships was redone. In addition, the Akira, Defiant, and Prometheus-classes were replaced by the Armitage, Sao Paulo, and Cerberus-classes (respectively).
  • Some Tholian vessels create interphasic rifts upon destruction. Terran Escorts, among other Imperial vessels, have a small chance of coming through these rifts and fighting for the Tholians.

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