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Terran Empire Odyssey-class Dreadnought Cruiser
ISS Sisko.png
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The Odyssey-class Dreadnought Cruiser is the Terran Empire's largest and most powerful dreadnought design. While rarely deployed, they are capable of turning the tide of almost any battle.




Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
13 81,757 - -
19 113,326 - -
31 120,358 - -
52 316,217 - -

Missions involved[]

Vessels of the class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
ISS Sisko.png Odyssey-class I.S.S. O'Brien
I.S.S. Odyssey (default)
I.S.S. Sato
I.S.S. Sisko
I.S.S. Spock
I.S.S. Enterprise


  • The Odyssey-class dreadnought being held by the Tholians does not have a name or registry number printed on its hull. Thus its identity is unknown.
  • The I.S.S. Enterprise-F was originally planned to be the boss for the “Mirror Universe Incursion” event, but was ultimately replaced by the Galaxy-X-class I.S.S. Stadi. The March 2014 revamp of this mission introduced several ships of this class, one of which the player may face in the final wave of the mission. The I.S.S. Enterprise eventually appeared in the Badlands Battlezone in October 2015.


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