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FederationThe Doctor
The Doctor.png
Military Rank:
Lieutenant Commander
Critter Rank 3 icon.png
Mission contact
Birth year:
2371 (first activation)
Voiced by:
Robert Picardo

The Doctor, formally known as the Emergency Medical Hologram Mk 1, is a sentient holographic male Human. He is best known for his tenure as the U.S.S. Voyager's Chief Medical Officer while the ship was lost in the Delta Quadrant from 2371 to 2378.


In 2371 the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Voyager was killed when the ship was hurtled 70,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, prompting The Doctor to be activated in his place. Over the following years, he would grow and develop beyond his original programming, becoming an invaluable member of Voyager's crew.

In 2373, during a temporal incident involving time travel back to 20th-century Earth, The Doctor acquires a mobile emitter, allowing him to leave the confines of Voyager's sickbay and holodeck and even participate in away missions. In 2378, he returns to Earth with Voyager.

In 2382, the Doctor sues Starfleet which wants to confiscate the mobile emitter in order to study the device. Based on the "Data-precedent", the Doctor wins the lawsuit as he is considered a sentient being and the loss of the emitter would greatly decrease his quality of life. The following year, the case is re-opened, as the Data-precedent merely clarifies the Doctor not to be Starfleet's property, without implications for him being sentient or not. Around the same time, the Soong Foundation, which is dedicated to promote the rights of artificial lifeforms, announces its plans of creating their own line of mobile emitters.

In 2389, the Soong Foundation is defending the Doctor. In the hopes of eventually freeing the 600 other EMH Mark Is working in dilithium mines, his lawsuit is expanded to encompass all sentient artificial lifeforms in the Federation. Five years later, the lawsuit is finally concluded, with the Judge Advocate ruling that the Doctor is indeed a sentient being and has the right to choose how he wants to live. None of the other EMHs are freed yet, though.

With the mobile emitter being his approved property, the Doctor accepted a commission as a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet and took the post of Chief Medical Officer at the research facility on Galor IV in 2395. Here, he also cooperated with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, who were allowed to study the mobile emitter.

By 2410, the Doctor is assisting in the efforts of the Delta Alliance to explore the newly-accessible Delta Quadrant.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Mindscape”: The player encounters what appears to be a 2370's-era version of The Doctor during a mind-meld while assisting Tuvok in repelling telepathic attacks from "Eric Cooper".
  • ALL “All That Glitters”: The player assists The Doctor in responding to a request for medical aid in the Shenda System. He later accompanies the player to a hastily-arranged diplomatic meeting with Gaul, the leader of the Vaadwaur, warning the player about Gaul's past duplicity.
  • ALL “Alliances”: The Doctor infiltrates a Hierarchy vessel in order to gain information on their decision-making processes, and aids the player in convincing them to join a coalition of Delta Quadrant species to counter the threat of the Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Takedown”: The Doctor accompanies the Hierarchy as they and the other Delta Quadrant species launch a joint assault on Vaadwaur Prime to defeat Gaul and the Vaadwaur loyal to him once and for all. At one point in the battle, he is given command of a Hierarchy vessel and employs his Emergency Command subroutines. He then reveals to the player that Gaul in fact is not infected with a neural parasite like the rest of the Vaadwaur leadership.
  • ALL “What's Left Behind”: The Doctor accompanies the player on a mission to investigate an Elachi subspace outpost, where captured humanoids are slowly turned into Elachi. Investigating the station further, he realizes that the station is of partial Iconian design, and that the Solanae, serving the Iconians as scientist caste, actually bio-engineered the neural parasites which were used to control the Vaadwaur.

Other involvement[]

  • Doctor's Orders: Struggling to find his place in the world, Stamets pays a visit to Corridor Seven and meets with the EMH Mk. I.



  • The Doctor is voiced by Robert Picardo, the actor who portrayed the character during Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Although the Doctor holds the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant Commander, he does not wear any rank insignia. While using his command subroutines, however, he does wear Captain rank insignia and the commanding officer variant of the Odyssey uniform.
  • Aside from the duty officer version of Leeta, the [EMH Mk I] is the only Duty officer in-game who is based on the likeness of a Star Trek actor. He is also the only one that is freely available to players through normal gameplay.
  • [Doctor (Bridge Officer)], a Bridge Officer based on The Doctor's likeness, has also been made available to players attending Star Trek conventions.

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