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This page is for the NPC ship. See Tholian Widow Fighter for the playable ship.
Tholian Tholian Widow
Tholian Widow Fighter.png
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The Widow is a fighter used by the Tholian Assembly. At 60 meters long, it is their smallest and weakest ship class.


Of all Tholian starships in service in the 25th century, the Widow Fighter resembles the 22nd century and 23rd century web spinners the most. Thus, the Widow Fighter has the iconic three-sided geometry that defines the Tholian design lineage.


Missions encountered[]



  • Tholian ships are named for types of spiders - in this case, the Black Widow.
  • Tholian Recluses are capable of launching Widows to aid them in combat, so players are likely to encounter Widows whenever facing a Recluse.
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