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Deep Space 9
Starship Repair Technician

Tor Mazo is a Bajoran chief engineer who repairs ship injuries. He can be found at the shipyard in Deep Space 9. He has a son who works on Alpha Centauri, and a daughter who is a physician on Andoria.

Missions involved[]

  • FED “Temple Offerings”: Captain Kurland asks the player to help the Bajoran Vedek Assembly acquire some land owned by Tor in order to build a new temple. After the player acquires the deed to the land from Loret Razha, Tor expresses hesitation because he does not understand why the Assembly, and Kai Kira, would want his land specifically. He explains the sentimental value and spiritual meaning of his home to the player. He agrees to give over the land on the condition that the Vedek Assembly take special care of his ancestors' graves.


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