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Military Rank:
Dahar Master
Death year:
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Torg, son of Kormog is a Klingon politician who leads the House of Torg in 2409.

Torg has a son, S'gen. He also raised Ja'rod, the leader of the House of Duras, after his mother, Lursa, died in 2371.

Missions involved[]

Missions mentioned[]

  • ALL “Partisans”: General Martok mocks the House of Torg after beaming down with the player to the arena in the Gorath System which now belongs to Imperial Security Forces in 2411.

Other involvement[]

  • "Cold Dishes": Commander Korok meets with Torg to ask about a prisoner they have been holding for the past seventeen years, whom they are preparing to transfer to new owners. Korok explains that Torg's forces are concerned about his dealings with a former enemy of the Empire, who is rumored to become an enemy once again in the near future. Torg angrily orders Korok to provide the names of all crew members who have questioned his judgement. Torg vows to purge his crew of disloyal members before returning to Qo'noS to take his rightful place.


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