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Zach Hanks

Tovan Khev is a citizen of the Virinat colony and, later, the first bridge officer for players of the Romulan Republic. He has one sister called Rinna and used to be in a relationship with Charva.


Tovan was born on Romulus in 2378. Although he lost his father when the planet was destroyed by the Hobus supernova in 2387, he himself was fortunately off-world with his sister and mother during the disaster. In the chaotic years that followed, Tovan lost his mother to a Tal Shiar attack, further nurturing his hatred toward them.

Seeking a better future for himself and his entire people among the countless refugees, he met the young Romulan woman Charva. They quickly became a couple but broke up, despite sharing the same dreams and ideals, as Charva thought the Tal Shiar was the best chance for stability for the Romulan race. Tovan and his sister Rinna later settled in the mining colony in the Hfihar System, where they would meet D'Vex. Although Rinna decided to pursue a career as starship pilot, Tovan followed D'Vex's invitation and moved to the farming colony of Virinat. He since lost contact to his sister, however, and seeks means to search for her.

Missions involved[]

  • ROM “A Day on the Farm”: Having become friends sometime earlier, the player meets Tovan on Virinat. He points out that Avrak needs assistance on the fields.
  • ROM “A Day in the Sun”, ROM “Virinat, Invaded”, and ROM “Flight from Virinat”: While Tovan is celebrating the Tapping Festival with the player, Virinat gets attacked by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies. Both manage to escape and assume command of Malem's old T'liss Light Warbird in orbit. After Tovan becomes the first officer of the player, they manage to fight off Hakeev with the help of the Romulan Republic. Although he is a bit hesitant, Tovan thinks it is best to side with the Republic against the Tal Shiar. Once at the Republic flotilla, Subcommander Nadel gives Tovan a tour, while the player discusses joining the fight with Commander Temer.
  • ROM “The Helix” and ROM “Gasko Blues”: Tovan keeps asking people they encounter while serving the Romulan Republic for his sister Rinna... without success.
  • ROM “Smash and Grab”: Tovan's former girlfriend Charva, now a Tal Shiar officer, passes on information that Rinna is aboard a prison transport passing through the Kinkuthanza System. However, the information turns out to be false and the Tal Shiar successfully manipulated Tovan and the player into destroying a True Way weapons convoy.
  • ROM “Tradecraft”: Tovan and the player challenge Charva about her superiors and their deceptions. After she tries to truly help Tovan, the Tal Shiar declares her an enemy of the state. Commander Maurus takes command of Charva's ship, the I.R.W. Aethra, which is, however destroyed trying to take custody of the three. Charva is subsequently detained and transported to Subcommander Nadel aboard the R.R.W. Deihu for further questioning by the Romulan Republic Intelligence. Despite what happened, she puts the blame on herself, continuing to believe in the Tal Shiar and accusing Tovan and the player to have steered her wrong.
  • ROM “Installation 18”: Tovan finally finds Rinna, who is being held by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies at Installation 18 on Nimbus III. As Tovan and the player explore the facility they free her and other captives.




Concept and controversy[]

Tovan Khev was Cryptic's first iteration of implementing bridge officers featuring a personal background-story that is introduced during the tutorial and beyond. Khev therefore became the first ever bridge officer with voiceovers, which he retains for all of the Romulan Republic-specific story missions, i.e. up until the episode "Freedom".

As a consequence, however, he can neither be dismissed nor renamed, even after concluding all story missions, as this would still compromise any replays. Additionally, changes to Khev's appearance are also limited. As these limitations turned out to be very unpopular, Cryptic restricted voiceovers for K'Gan and Elisa Flores (Khev's Klingon and Starfleet counterparts) to the tutorial, thereby enabling players of those factions to dismiss them after its conclusion.


  • Some of Tovan Khev's dialogue was unvoiced prior to 2019. After which, the missing lines were voiced with an unknown voice actor which no longer matches the original performer. This can be heard most notably in the mission “Turning Point”.

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