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The Tox Uthat.

The Tox Uthat, also known as the Quantum Phase Inhibitor, is device invented by Kal Dano. The device is extremely powerful, and is capable of re-igniting a dying star or extinguishing a healthy one.


Event Mission Century Objective Timeline Kal Dano's Timeline Tox Utat's Timeline Boratus' Timeline Player's Timeline
Kal Dano dies "hundreds" of years in the past X Unknown 1 6 X X X
Kal Dano hides the Tox Utat on Risa “Stormbound” 22nd Century 2 4 4 X 7
Kal Dano's ship is picked up by the Enterprise (NX-01), then attacked by Tholians and Vorgons “Vorgon Conclusions” 22nd Century 3 7 X 2 3
Vorgons attempt to secure the Tox Utat on Risa, are foiled by Jean-Luc Picard and it is taken to Earth X 24th Century 4 X 5 3 X
During Breen invasion of Earth, Vorgons attempt to steal the Tox Utat and fail. It is taken by Daniels Vorgon Conclusions 24th Century 5 X 6 4 5
Kal Dano arrives to help the Lukari Homeworld with the Tox Utat, but it is then stolen by the Tholians Vorgon Conclusions 25th Century 6 2 2 X 2
Tholians use the Tox Utat to destroy the Na'kuhl sun, then it is stolen back by Kal Dano “Sunrise” 25th Century 7 3 3 X 6
Kal Dano returns to Na'kuhl, is attacked by Tholians and falls through time Stormbound 25th Century 8 5 X X 8
Kal Dano is beamed up by Captain Walker, dead. Stormbound 25th Century 9 8 X X 4
Tox Utat is used at Procyon V “Ragnarok” 26th Century 10 X 7 X 9
Kal Dano escapes the 27th century with the Tox Utat Vorgon Conclusions 27th Century 11 1 1 1 1

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Other involvement[]

  • "A Single Step": In this Post War Era entry, Dano speaks with Triphox, a Denobulan colleague. They have been running simulations on the Tox Uthat, and are now ready to test the quantum phase inhibitor on a dying star in the Alpha Quadrant. Dano is attacked by Vorgons, who steal the Tox Uthat. However, the Vorgons are stopped by a stranger introducing himself as Daniels. This story is presumed to take place during the events of “Vorgon Conclusions”.
  • "Stormbound": Dano speculates about why the Tholians have stolen the Tox Uthat, and why they lured him to the year 2410. He vows that, if he retrieves the quantum phase inhibitor, that he will find some place, or some time, to hide the device. Based on premonitions he has been having, and his interactions with Daniels, he fears he is nearing the end of his life.

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