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Kyana Research Station
Information giver
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Supervisor Traala is a Krenim scientist serving at the Kyana Research Station.

Missions involved[]

  • Faction Khitomer.png “Time and Tide”: After the signing of the Temporal Accords are disrupted by Noye, the player returns to 2410 and speaks with Traala. She comments on Noye's recent hostility, and leads the player to him. Later, she accesses Noye's files and is rendered unconscious by a trap he left behind. Revived after Noye's escape, Traala accesses Noye's personal files, allowing the player to discover Noye's motivations.

Other involvement[]

  • "Suspicions": Orndal, a Krenim security officer at a research facility, visits his supervisor, Traala. He informs her that some staff at the facility have indicated a desire to use the Krenim's technology to alter history to their species' benefit. He is also concerned about Noye's behavior, as he has been acting irritable to the point of hostility, and has prevented his colleagues from accessing the shielded temporal core.
  • "The Cousins' War": Traala meets with her cousin, Zidia, at the Krenim temporal research facility. Zidia tries to recruit her to join Noye's forces, but Traala refuses. Zidia stuns Traala with a phaser, obtains her true objective in the facility, and escapes.

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