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Trait: Android/boff

Android is a bridge officer ground trait.

Are you looking for the player character version of this trait?

Basic information[]

  • Game description: Ground Trait. Androids are very strong and sturdy. They deal bonus melee damage and are resistant to all damage. They are also highly resistant to Toxic Radiation and Psionic damage. Additionally, they are also highly resistant to Confuse and Placate effects. Due to their synthetic nature, they do not receive full benefits from standard healing, although they can be repaired and buffed by an Engineer's Quick Fix ability.
  • Species that will always have the trait: Android

Detailed Information[]


+10% Physical Damage
+20 All Damage resistance
+200 Radiation Damage resistance
+200 Toxic Damage resistance
+200 Psionic Damage resistance
20% Healing Resistance
+200 Confuse resistance
Immunity to Placate
Android Required