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Trait: Attack Pattern Delta Prime

Attack Pattern Delta Prime is a player character space Starship trait.

This trait is only available for player characters.

Basic information[]

  • Game description: When slotted, this trait improves Attack Pattern Delta so when the target of your Attack Pattern Delta is hit, the target gains bonus Critical Chance and Critical Severity.

Detailed Information[]

To Target:
+1.5% Critical Chance for 5 sec for each hit
+3.75% Critical Severity for 5 sec for each hit
(Stacks up to 10 times)

This trait is available from:[]

(Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack)


  • This Starship Trait is obtainable as a bonus when opening a Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack or purchased directly from the Exchange, the Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack can be obtained from the C-store or the Exchange.