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Demolition Teams is an in-game Starship Trait.

This trait gives bonuses in Space if slotted into an Active Starship Trait slot.

Basic information[]

  • Demolition Teams: Every 4 sec, applies a Demolition Team debuff. Once 5 debuffs applied, deals X Kinetic damage. 12 sec cooldown after detonation.
  • Improved Demolition Teams: Every 2 sec, applies a Demolition Team debuff. Once 3 debuffs applied, deals X Kinetic damage. 8 sec cooldown after detonation.

Detailed information[]

Space Trait. While within a short distance of your foe, you will periodically beam over commando squads trained in demolition, to plant charges aboard the enemy vessel. After sufficient charges have been placed, they will be detonated to deal shield-ignoring kinetic damage.
Demolition charges that haven't yet been detonated can be removed using Tactical Team, or will also expire harmlessly after a short duration if the attacker does not remain within the short transporter range.
  • Every 4 sec, applies a Demolition Team debuff to your primary target (or nearest foe) within a 2km radius
  • Once 5 debuffs applied, deals _____ Kinetic Damage (100% Shield Penetration)
  • Additional Demolition Teams cannot be applied for 12 sec after a successful detonation
Skills that affect this ability:

This trait is available from:[]

(after spending 15 Specialization Points)


Meet following requirements to obtain this trait, and replace it with better version.

  • Demolition Teams: Obtained after spending 15 Specialization Points into Commando specialization.
  • Improved Demolition Teams: Gamma Recruitment account-wide reward after spending 90 points in any specializations and having unlocked the standard Demolition Teams.