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Trait: Infiltrator

Infiltrator is a player character space trait.

Are you looking for the bridge officer version of this trait?

Basic information[]

  • Game description: Space Trait. Increases the effectiveness of cloaking abilities and provides a minor Defense boost. Increases the duration of the damage buff the ship gains after decloaking.
  • Species that can have the trait: Reman

Detailed information[]

  • +2.5 Defense Rating
  • After Decloaking, increases the duration of your Ambush damage boost by 7.5 seconds
  • +150 Stealth, when using Cloak abilities

Trait Bonus Stacking[]

  • The Defense bonus stacks with bridge officer traits, such as Infiltrator icon.png Infiltrator and Subterfuge icon.png Subterfuge. Additionally, if more than one bridge officer is equipped with either of those traits, the Defense bonus is cumulative.
  • The Defense bonus also stacks with the Elusive icon.png Elusive player trait.
  • The Ambush duration bonus stacks with the Infiltrator icon.png Infiltrator bridge officer trait, although equipping more than one bridge officer with that trait does not stack. This limits the Ambush duration to 22.5 seconds.
  • The Stealth bonus does not stack with bridge officer traits, such as Infiltrator icon.png Infiltrator, Subterfuge icon.png Subterfuge, Pirate icon.png Pirate.