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Trait: Onboard Dilithium Recrystallizer

Onboard Dilithium Recrystallizer is a player character space Starship trait.

This trait is only available for player characters.

Basic information[]

  • Game description: Using an Engineering Ability adds Power to Subsystem with least, Bonus Damage for max Subsystems

Detailed information[]

Activating an Engineering Bridge Officer Ability adds Bonus Damage to the ship for each non-Weapon Subsystem at maximum Power, lasting a moderate duration. Then, it adds Power to whichever Subsystem has the least Power for a short duration. Only the largest Bonus Damage applies if this triggers more than once. By default, Subsystems have a maximum of 125 Power, but certain abilities can improve this limit.

This bit of clever engineering gathers and refines waste Dilithium, extracting trace fragments and encouraging them to form usable refined crystals. These are then immediately fed back into the ship's core.

  • Add 10 Power per sec to whichever Subsystem is lowest
  • +10% Bonus Damage per non-Weapon Power Subsystem currently at maximum for 35 sec

This trait is available from:[]

  • [Starship Trait: Onboard Dilithium Recrystallizer]
(from the Angel's Wake Lock Box)