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Trait: Rapture

Rapture is a player character ground active trait.

Are you looking for the bridge officer version of this trait?

Basic information[]

  • Game description: Activatable Ground Trait. Deals psionic damage over time with a chance to stun the target. Psionic damage completely bypasses shields and the Stun cannot be resisted. This ability only works on targets that are alive and will not work on mechanical or otherwise artificial targets. This attack can Exploit targets.
  • Species that will always have the trait: Lethean

Detailed information[]

  • Rapture
  • Maintain
  • Targets Foe
  • 15 meter Range
  • 0.5 sec activate
  • 0.5 sec
  • (2 max)
  • 3 min recharge
    • 15 Psionic Damage x5 (100% Shield Penetration)
    • 40% chance: Irresistable Stun


  • This trait is not selectable for player characters, but part of the innate racial trait for Letheans.