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Standoff is an in-game Starship Trait.
This trait gives bonuses in Space if slotted into an Active Starship Trait slot.

Basic information[]

  • Game Description: Your boldness will pay off with this trait, as firing upon the forward 90-degree arc of an opponent allows your weapons to deal more damage than usual. Additionally, your weapons gain the ability to knock your foes' weapons offline briefly, once every several seconds, so long as you continue firing on their forward arc.

Detailed information[]

  • +15% Bonus Damage to Weapons when attacking a foe's forward 90' arc
  • (Bonus reduced to 5% vs. Players)
  • Once per 10 sec, apply Weapons Offline for 2 sec when attacking a foe's forward 90' arc

This trait is obtained from Tier V Starship Mastery or Pack:[]


  • XBOX Console: With regards to unlocking this trait via a reward pack (which may be available in the exchange), the reward pack can be 'used' in the inventory. The trait should now be active or activated under the Skills > Captain Skills > Starship Traits menu. If you do not see the trait, you may need to restart the game.