Trait: Unified Engineering

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Unified Engineering icon.png

Unified Engineering is an in-game Starship Trait.

This trait gives bonuses in Space if slotted into an Active Starship Trait slot.

Basic information[edit | edit source]

  • Activating any Command Bridge Officer Ability or Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field will grant your team and hangar pets a buff to hull capacity, regeneration, bridge officer cooldown speed, flight speed, and turn rate for a short duration.

Detailed information[edit | edit source]

When activating Auxiliary to Structural or any Command Bridge Officer Ability:

  • To Team and Self for 15 sec:
    • +10% Maximum Hull Capacity
    • +10% Bridge Officer Ability Recharge Speed
    • +10% Flight Turn Rate
    • +10% Flight Speed
    • +50% Hull Regen

This trait is a Tier V Starship Mastery of the:[edit | edit source]