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Military Rank:
Deferi Ship
Combat Medic

Tran is a Breen H'ren Medic in the Fifth Order. He is captured by the Deferi when boarding their ship in the Raveh System.

Missions involved[]

  • “Cold Comfort”: When boarding the ship near the bridge, Tran is overwhelmed by the Deferi crew and captured. He believes that his superiors deliberately left his team in a hard place as he disagreed silently with the decision to attack a civilian vessel. However, he followed his superiors' commands, until the player questions him about the reason for the attack and a way to remove the cortical implants that the Breen gave to a Deferi onboard. Since he has strong regrets about killing innocents, he is willing to cooperate. He was tasked with implanting the subspace cortical implants, devices he deems barbaric. However he does not know, what and why the Breen were probing random civilians' thoughts. He suggests, that it has to be something any Deferi child must know. Tran provides Dr. Cossa with the necessary information to remove the device and asks the player's faction for asylum. He also tells the player about others like him wanting to defect and provides coordinates to initiate contact with these renegades.

Walkthrough Tran[]

-What are you doing here

-What does attacking a civilian transport have to do with Breen expansion?

-->Tran refuses to talk further with Commanding officer listening. Go back to BIG Breen cell and enable acoustic dampener.

-->return to Tran.

-Your commander can not hear what we are saying.

-Did you object to your commanding officer about this assignment?

-Do you believe that the goal you are attempting to achieve was worth killing civilians?

-Did you have an option that didn't involve attacking the Deferi ship?

-So your mission wasn't just to kill the Deferi on this ship?

-Why did you do this? What information did the Deferi have that you needed so badly?

-Would the probed Deferi know what memories were being searched?

-How do we remove the implants?


-->Talk to Dr. Cossa.

-Rhymes and Songs



-->Go to Tran.



-->Depart System.

-->Exit to Sector space.

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