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Thot Trel is the commander of the Breen forces attacking the Deferi in the Orellius Sector Block. His goal is to find and exploit the Preserver Archive. He trusts that its technology and secrets will grant the Breen the opportunity to rise to power once again. His cynical demeanor and ruthless assaults on the Deferi is alienating some of his troops who are willing to cooperate with the Federation and the Klingon Empire aiding the Deferi.

Trel is the boss enemy of the Breen Front campaign.

Missions involved[]

  • “Out in the Cold”: Trel introduces himself to the player after the Deferi slaves are freed from the mine on Zaria as the one staging the attack on Defera. He dispatches Thot Gran to kill the player.
  • “Cold Case”: After the player assembles the Preserver map to the archive, Trel again sends a commando to eliminate the away team on Raveh II.
  • “Cold Storage”: After the player gains access to the Archive, Trel beams down to Lae'nas III, expecting to find powerful new technology. The Preserver Guardian explains to him, that the advanced Preserver technology Trel is seeking is the genetic code of the humanoid species' now inhabiting the Milky Way. Infuriated, Trel orders his troops to destroy the archive and the player has to defeat him.
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