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True WayTrue Way Alliance

The Factory
The True Way combines Cardassian and Alpha Jem'Hadar forces

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Cardassian, Jem'Hadar, Changeling
Alpha Quadrant
Capital World:
Devos II
Political System:
Neo facism
Foreign Policy:
Regime change in Cardassian Union Terrorism
Gul Madred
Alliance Relations:
Open warfare

Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
True Way forces include substantial former-Dominion elements

The True Way Alliance (also referred to as the True Way or simply the True) is a Cardassian terrorist organization operating independently from the Cardassian Union. They cooperate with Laas' New Link as well as with the Alpha Jem'Hadar, and also forge an alliance with the Terran Empire of the Mirror Universe.

History[ | ]

The roots of the True Way movement go back at least to 2372, when the Cardassian dissident movement took control of the government and reforms the Cardassian Union into a more peaceful society. The True Way was formed in response, and called for the return of the aggressive military regime. They staged two terrorist attacks at Deep Space Nine, bombing the runabout USS Orinoco and attempting to assassinate Bajoran First Minister Shakaar. After Cardassia joined the Dominion in 2373, the True Way was disbanded for the time being. In 2375, the Dominion War ended with the defeat of the Dominion and Cardassian forces.

Seven years after the war, 472 Cardassians wanted by the Bajorans for war crimes disappeared from Cardassia Prime. A year later, the True Way resurfaced to protest the reemergence of the Oralian religious group. In 2387, the Alpha Jem'Hadar, an abandoned group of Jem'Hadar that had originally been bred in the Alpha Quadrant to fight for the Dominion during the war, took control of an abandoned Ketracel-White facility on Devos II. As they did not seem to be aggressive, the Federation tolerated their presence.

In 2389, Gul Madred aquired the rights to several mineral rich planetoids and began building a large mining operation in the Septimus System. The following year, Madred and his followers, abusing the expansions in freedom of speech and assembly established by the Detapa Council, organized rallies promoting a return to the "true" ways of the Cardassian Union, thereby becoming the de facto leader of the True Way. By 2392, many former Cardassian military officers were employed in Madred's mining facilities in the Septimus System, which, by that time, had grown enough to export their exploits, e.g., to recuperating Romulan colonies. Claiming that the Cardassian Defense Force was unable to protect his mines from raiders, Gul Madred contacted Lamat'Ukan, leader of the Alpha Jem'Hadar, in 2393 in order to hire a private security force against the protest of the Detapa Council.

In 2398, Laas arrived in the Devos system with two other unknown Changelings. In 2402, Cardassian Intelligence confirmed a six years old suspicion that at least 75 Galor Class-warships missing since the end of the Dominion War were most likely in True Way possession. By 2409, Lamat'Ukan's Alpha Jem'Hadar appear to serve Laas' "New Link". Together with the True Way, they now wage a campaign of destabilization and terror in Cardassian space.

Missions involved[ | ]


Gul Kardek of the True Way is in fact a Changeling


Laas and his New Link

  • ROM “Bigger Picture”: Answering an apparent distress call by a Romulan Republic ship in the Mempa System, the player instead finds a disabled True Way ship. After accessing its logs on the bridge, it becomes clear that the crew had been abducted by the Elachi. Claiming to carry an order of reprisal by Empress Sela which authorizes them to detain any Republic ships, True Way forces subsequently attempt to apprehend the player's ship.
  • ROM “Smash and Grab”: Tovan Khev's former romantic interest Charva, now a Tal Shiar officer, passes on information that his sister Rinna is aboard a prison transport passing through the Kinkuthanza System. However, the information turns out to be false and the Tal Shiar successfully manipulated Tovan and the player into destroying a True Way weapons convoy.
  • ALL “Skirmish”: A True Way fleet sent to destabilize the Federation-Klingon border is engaged in a three way battle against both Federation and Klingon ships. The True Way flagship, the Axon, is boarded by the player, who discovers that it is infested with Devidians.
  • ALL “Spoils of War”: The True Way stole the Orb of Possibilities from an old storage facility on Cardassia Prime. After retrieving the orb from a former Maquis base in the Badlands that is now used by Gul Kardek and his True Way followers, the player finds out that they have been using it to open a portal to the Mirror Universe. Kardek, who manages to escape, had been negotiating an alliance with Captain Leeta of the Terran Empire, who subsequently tries to destroy the player's ship.
  • ALL “Jabberwocky”: After the Orb of Possibilities turns out to be from the Mirror Universe, the player travels to mirror-Bajor, where he confronts Captain Leeta, who, however, manages to escape. Before returning the Orb, Gul Kardek is defeated and exposed to be a Changeling. A PADD discovered on him reveals the location of a secret Ketracel-White production facility run by the Alpha Jem'Hadar in the Devos System.
  • ALL “The Factory”: The player finds the Ketracel-White factory on an asteroid in the Devos System. With the assistance of Vorta scientist Neman, data can be collected from the facility's command center before the entire base is destroyed.
  • ALL “The New Link”: The collected data shows that the factory had been receiving orders from Laas and his New Link on Orias III. Laas had been manipulating his fellow Changelings by making them believe that the original Great Link in the Gamma Quadrant had been obliterated by solids. Once there, Laas can be subdued, and the truth is revealed to the New Link, who subsequently ask to be left in peace. Before departing from the system, the player places a quarantine buoy in orbit of the planet.

Military[ | ]

Most of the True Way's military equipment are stolen Cardassian military assets from the aftermath of the Dominion War. It also uses Jem'Hadar vessels.

Size charts[ | ]

Space[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • The majority of the Jem'Hadar and Changeling forces seen as part of the True Way will display Dominion as their faction, not True Way.

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