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True Way Insurgency
Date: 2383 – 2409
Cause: Demilitarisation and democratisation of Cardassia
Result: Laas punished by New Link.
Faction True Way.png True Way Alliance
New Link
Alpha Jem'Hadar
Terran Empire
Faction Cardassian.png Cardassian Union
Klingon Empire
Romulan Republic


Seven years after the war, 472 Cardassians wanted by the Bajorans for war crimes disappeared from Cardassia Prime. A year later, the True Way resurfaced to protest the reemergence of the Oralian religious group. In 2387, the Alpha Jem'Hadar, an abandoned group of Jem'Hadar that had originally been bred in the Alpha Quadrant to fight for the Dominion during the war, took control of an abandoned Ketracel-White facility on Devos II. As they did not seem to be aggressive, the Federation tolerated their presence.

In 2389, Gul Madred aquired the rights to several mineral rich planetoids and began building a large mining operation in the Septimus System. The following year, Madred and his followers, abusing the expansions in freedom of speech and assembly established by the Detapa Council, organized rallies promoting a return to the "true" ways of the Cardassian Union, thereby becoming the de facto leader of the True Way. By 2392, many former Cardassian military officers were employed in Madred's mining facilities in the Septimus System, which, by that time, had grown enough to export their exploits, e.g., to recuperating Romulan colonies. Claiming that the Cardassian Defense Force was unable to protect his mines from raiders, Gul Madred contacted Lamat'Ukan, leader of the Alpha Jem'Hadar, in 2393 in order to hire a private security force against the protest of the Detapa Council.

In 2398, Laas arrived in the Devos system with two other unknown Changelings. In 2402, Cardassian Intelligence confirmed a six years old suspicion that at least 75 Galor Class-warships missing since the end of the Dominion War were most likely in True Way possession. By 2409, Lamat'Ukan's Alpha Jem'Hadar appear to serve Laas' "New Link". Together with the True Way, they began to wage a campaign of destabilization and terror in Cardassian space. The Klingon Empire, Federation, and newly independent Romulan Republic moved to defend the Cardassian government.

The Conflict[]

See also: Romulan Insurgency, Devidian Incursion

Hunt for the Obsidian Orb[]

In 2409, the True Way stole the Orb of Possibilities formerly belonging to the Obsidian Order. An operative serving one of the governments protecting the Cardassian Union went to the Badlands to attempt to determine the Orb's location. After saving a frieghter from a True Way attack, the operative discovers that an anomaly nearby could provide a lead to the Orb. After scanning the anomaly and notifying Sarish Minna, the operative discovers that the Orb energy in the anomaly leads toward a nearby moon. After destroying the moon's defenses, the operative teleports to the True Way base within the moon. The operates routs Gul Kardek from the base, takes the Orb, and discovers the True Way collaboration with the Terran Empire. The operative returns to their ship and is joined by Sarish in finding Kardek. Kardek is found aboard the Grevinok. He leaves through a portal to the Mirror Universe, his escape covered by several Terran ships. Sarish and the operative depart to return the Orb to Bajor ( “Spoils of War”).

Return of the Orb to Bajor[]

A True Way force led by Mutak ambushes the operative near Bajor. Sarish goes to Bajor to assist the operative. Mutajk dies in the attack when commanding the Kriger. Once Bajor space is secure, Sarish tasks the operative with returning the Orb while she remains on the Defiant. The operative attempts to return the Orb, but the Prophets reject it, citing that the Orb does not belong on Prime Bajor. The operative and Vedek krin determine that the Mirror Universe must be accessed to return the Orb, resulting in the operative returning to the Badlands. The operative passes through the Mirror Universe portal and encounters the mirror Leeta. The operative defeats her as she commands the I.S.S. Fortuna, forcing her to retreat. The operative goes to Bajor and defeats Leeta again, forcing her to retreat again. The operative encounters Kardek, finding him to be a changeling. Kardek is captured, and the operative speaks to the mirror Vedek Krin. The operative returns the Orb and is returned to the Prime Universe by the Mirror Prophets. ( “Jabberwocky”).

Attack at the Devos System[]

The operative goes to the Devos System to investigate the connection between the True Way and the Dominion. After defeating several New Dominion ships, the operative beams down to the New Dominion facility. The operative meets Neman there, who agrees to help the operative broker peace with the New Link, as well as inform the operative of Laas's intentions. The operative leaves the facility, detonates it, and leaves the system. Neman informs the operative that the New Link is located in the Orias System ( “The Factory”).

Encounter with Laas and Dismantlement of the New Dominion[]

The operative enters the Orias System and disables the system's defenses. Once the space of Orias is secure, the operative beams down to the nearby planet. The operative encounters the New Link and forces Laas into his liquid form. Peace is brokered between Cardassia and the New Link, dismantling the New Dominion ( “The New Link”).


Shortly after the end of the New Dominion, DS9 is attacked, beginning the 2800 Crisis.