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Bellas, a male Turei

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Delta Quadrant
Capital World:
Turei homeworld
Foreign Policy:
Voth, Delta Alliance
Alliance Relations:

The Turei are a reptilian race from the Turei System in the Delta Quadrant and members of the Delta Alliance.

History[ | ]

Being considered a worthy, fellow reptilian species, the Turei formed an alliance with the Voth at some point in their history.

In the 15th century, the Turei led an alliance of Delta Quadrant species against the vast Vaadwaur Supremacy and bombed their homeworld into a dead rock. With the Vaadwaur defeated, the Turei seized control of the Underspace, a system of subspace corridors, and used it for their own means.

First contact between the Turei and the Federation occurred in 2376, when the U.S.S. Voyager briefly became trapped in the Underspace and encountered a Turei vessel which attempted to board them. Voyager took refuge on the Vaadwaur homeworld, where they re-awakened a battalion of Vaadwaur from stasis and eventually came under attack from the survivors. With little choice, Voyager contacted the Turei and were able to enlist their help in escaping the planet. While many Vaadwaur ships were destroyed in the ensuing battle, several dozen managed to escape into the Underspace.

Turei System

The Turei homeworld.

People[ | ]

NPCs[ | ]

See List of Turei NPCs

Missions involved[ | ]

  • ALL “Revelations”: In 2410, the Vaadwaur re-emerge and besiege the Turei homeworld, using powerful ships and weapons capable of easily defeating even the Voth, who try to defend their allies. The player and Seven of Nine subsequently help to repel the Vaadwaur forces and re-establish the planetary defense grid.
  • ALL “All That Glitters”: The Turei assist the player in repelling a Vaadwaur assault on the Talaxian asteroid colony in the Entaba System, claiming that they're doing it to repay the debt owed to the player for aiding them.
  • ALL “Alliances”: The player is tasked with persuading the Turei to join a coalition of Delta Quadrant species to counter the threat of the Vaadwaur. Upon arriving at their homeworld, Turei Ambassador Norrick initially rejects the player's offer, as his government chose to rely on its pact with the Voth. As their "allies" fail to show up during a Vaadwaur surprise attack, the ambassador reconsiders and finally agrees to join the Delta Alliance.
  • ALL “Wyanti System Patrol”: The player deals with Turei thieves in the Wyanti System.
  • ALL “Takedown”: The Turei join the battle for the Vaadwaur homeworld, securing access to underspace so the Vaadwaur cannot use it to bring in reinforcements or escape.
  • ALL “What's Left Behind”: A Turei is among several races being held prisoner by the Elachi.

Military[ | ]

Because of their allegiance to the Voth, Turei don't have their own starship classes, but utilize Voth Palisade Frigates modified to serve as both frigates and cruisers. It is unknown whether the Palisade-class is the result of a joint Voth-Turei operation, or if they were built by the Voth and then just given to Turei after the alliance was established. Unlike the Voth counterpart, which is equipped with antiproton and transphasic-chroniton weaponry, Turei vessels are outfitted with plasma energy beams and projectiles.

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