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In Star Trek Online, the tutorials encompass the first few missions for each faction. With the help of several tooltip pop-ups, the player is slowly introduced to the game's UI and mechanics of ground and space combat.

The missions introduce the player to their faction's story and also provide the narrative for how they gain command of their first starship. These missions also award the first few bridge officers that players receive, notably [Elisa Flores], [K'Gan], [Tovan Khev], [Tarsi], and [Evelyn Savea].

They are non-repeatable but can be passed if the player has already played them on another character. If passed, the player will be taken through a different, accelerated arc of tutorial missions that takes much less time to complete, but is designed to bring the character to a similar level of development and aggregate rewards by the end of the arc.

Tutorial missions[]

Faction Release Date Episodes Accelerated
Faction Starfleet.png
12 November 2013 “Graduation Day”
“Training Cruise”
“Field Promotions”
“Communication Breakdown”
“Assimilation of the Innocent”
“Passing Credit”
“Kitting Out”
“Chartering Crew”
A Starfleet character departs on their training cruise
Faction KDF.png
Klingon Defense Force
21 May 2013
Remastered 10 June 2020
“End of Watch”
“Red Alert!”
“Intruder Alert”
“Challenge for Command!”
“Your New Command”
“Journey to Qo'noS”
“Ready for Battle”
“First City”
A Klingon character's ship in the midst of mutiny
Faction Romulan Republic.png
Romulan Republic
21 May 2013
Improved voice over added in 2020
“A Day on the Farm”
“A Day in the Sun”
“Virinat, Invaded”
“Flight from Virinat”
“Looking Forward” A Romulan character enjoying festivities
Faction FED23.png
TOS Starfleet
5 July 2016 “I Sing of Arms”
“Search and Rescue”
“Bull by the Horns”
“Dislodging Klingons”
“The Taurean Affair”
“Earthward Bound”
“No Time To Waste” A TOS Starfleet character under Klingon attack
Faction DSC.png
DSC Starfleet
9 October 2018 “Graduation Day”
“Routine Maneuvers”
“Trial by Fire”
“The Shadow Knows”
“Children of War”
“Reporting In”
“Passing Credit”
“Kitting Out”
“Chartering Crew”
“Reporting In”
A DSC Starfleet character responding to a distress call

Introductory missions[]

Note, Dominion characters start at level 60 so do not have a tutorial as it is assumed they are familiar with the game's mechanics. They do however have a non-repeatable introductory arc: Engineered for War which cannot be passed, even if the player has already played the arc on another character.

Faction Release Date Episodes
Faction Dominion.png
5 June 2018 “Hunt”
“Turn the Tide”
A Jem'hadar character going into battle to reclaim his life.

Removed missions[]

Upon launch, Starfleet had a tutorial arc called Tour of Duty that had the player begin aboard a starship under attack from the Borg. The arc focused entirely upon the Borg attack on Vega IX without the inclusion of the Klingons or Starfleet Academy. It also had a much larger role for the Khitomer Emergency Medical Hologram (voiced by Zachary Quinto). This was replaced in 2013.

At launch, the Klingon faction began at level 20 without a full tutorial as they were unlocked once the player had levelled up a Starfleet character. Instead, they had a simpler introductory arc called Tour First City. When the KDF was expanded to a full faction 2013, its role as a faux tutorial was removed. However, all but the initial 2 missions in the arc are still available as an introduction to Qo'noS.

Faction Release Date Replaced Episodes
Faction Starfleet.png
(Tour of Duty)
2 February 2010 12 November 2013 “Prelude to a Crisis”
“Khitomer Crisis”
“The Price of Liberty”
“Gather Equipment”
“Line in the Sand”
“Welcome to Earth Spacedock”[1]
“Skills Trainer”[1]
“New Orders?”
Fighting off Borg on board the Khitomer
Faction KDF.png
Klingon Defense Force
(Tour First City)
2 February 2010 21 May 2013[2] “Honor Bound”
“Lighting the Way”
“Leading the Way”
“To Protect and Serve”
“Glad Handing the Great Hall”
“Buying Friends”
“Working the Crowd”
“Off the Beaten Path”
“Friends in High Places”
A warrior fights for their right to command.
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  1. 1.0 1.1 Still available to play
  2. Most still playable as a side quest.