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The Tutorial Starship is the first starship that the player serves on. Different storylines lead to players from each faction gaining command of their respective ships during the tutorial episodes.

Starfleet (25th century)[ | ]

Federation Tutorial Starship
Default Miranda Class
Masc Taggart

Starfleet players start out as a cadet at Starfleet Academy. They are subsequently assigned to their first training cruise aboard a Miranda-class Light Cruiser, commanded by Captain Masc Taggart. In “Training Cruise”, the player, as first officer, is given the task to take the ship out of spacedock and onto their destination. En route, the ship receives an automated distress call from the S.S. Break Even and the ship takes a detour to assist. However, the distress call is actually the catalyst for a Borg attack. Eventually, the Borg are repelled, but at the cost of Captain Taggart, who is abducted and later assimilated.

The player subsequently receives a field promotion to acting Lieutenant by Admiral Janeway aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, and is put in temporary command of the ship as the Borg launch an invasion of Vega IX after passing through the Pollux System. The player assists in the temporary defense and eventual evacuation of the colony, saving the assimilated Taggart in the process. With Captain Taggart currently out of commission, Admiral Quinn at Earth Spacedock confirms the player's previous field promotion to Lieutenant and permanently places the starship under her/his command.

Crew[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Player starship

U.S.S. Miranda, NCC-1805-B.

Klingon Empire[ | ]

Klingon Tutorial Starship
KLG Bird of Prey Brel

Klingon Empire players start out as the second officer serving aboard a B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey commanded by Captain Jurlek. In “End of Watch”, the ship rendezvous with the I.K.S. Seg'pa, which hands Federation prisoner Franklin Drake over to them. After the U.S.S. Musashi suddenly attacks both ships, the player learns of Cpt. Jurlek's treasonous plan to deliberately let the prisoner be freed. After first officer Doran is killed by Jurlek, the player challenges and kills the latter, thereby rightfully gaining command of the vessel. After the Musashi is destroyed, the prisoner is handed over to the authorities in the First City on Qo'noS.

Crew[ | ]

  • Captain Jurlek (Klingon commanding officer)
  • Commander Doran (Klingon first officer)
  • Second officer (player)
  • Lieutenant K'Gan (Klingon third officer)
  • Security Chief Kelor

Notes[ | ]

  • This vessel appears in a cutscene in “Manhunt”, even if the player replays the mission using a different starship.

Romulan Republic[ | ]

Romulan Republic Tutorial Starship
Rom Ship T'liss
Virinat System

The player starts as a citizen of an independent Romulan farming colony on Virinat. After the colony is attacked by the Elachi and the Tal Shiar in “Virinat, Invaded”, the player escapes and takes command of a T'liss Light Warbird formerly commanded by Malem. In “Flight from Virinat”, the player then assists in the evacuation of colonists from Virinat and is briefly confronted by Hakeev, who flees after losing an eye during a short fight. The player then joins D'Tan and his Romulan Republic forces at the Romulan Flotilla.

Crew[ | ]

  • Commander Malem (former commanding officer)
  • Nevala (former first officer)
  • D'Vex (former chief engineering officer)
  • Commanding officer (player)
  • Tovan Khev (first officer)

TOS Starfleet[ | ]

TOS Starfleet Tutorial Starship
Tutorial Starship (23rd Century)
Isaac Garrett

The Original Series-era player starts as a Lieutenant aboard a Pioneer-class Utility Cruiser, serving Captain Isaac Garrett.

Crew[ | ]

Dominion[ | ]

Dominion Tutorial Starship

As Dominion players start at level 60, the Jem'Hadar Escort is a starting ship but not strictly a tutorial ship. The player begins as the ships First (Captain), and unlike the other ships it is a Tier 5 ship with Mk XII Very Rare gear, rather than a Tier 1 with Standard Issue Common gear.

Crew[ | ]

DSC Starfleet[ | ]

DSC Starfleet Tutorial Starship
Malachowski Light Cruiser Dsc
Anton Schaefer

Similarly to 25th century characters, a Discovery-era character begin as a senior cadet at Starfleet Academy preparing for their training cruise aboard a light cruiser - a Malachowski-class vessel - commanded by a veteran captain, Anton Schaefer. Their cruise to Vulcan is similarly interrupted by a distress call, from the S.S. Fortuna commanded by Cyrano Jones, and the subsequent battle with Klingon forces results in the death of the captain, leaving the player in command of the ship. They receive a battlefield promotion from another senior captain, Thy'kir Shran of the U.S.S. Sebrova, which is formalized by Admiral Kensington upon the ship's return to Earth.

Crew[ | ]