This page is for the NPC starship. For the playable vessel, see Tzenkethi Tzen-tar Dreadnought Carrier.
Faction Tzenkethi.png Tzen'tar Dreadnought
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The Tzen'tar-class Dreadnought is a massive and powerful ship class used by the Coalition as a flagship and heavy duty combatant. Their immense firepower and hangars loaded with Shuk-din Frigates, allow dreadnoughts to fight entire armadas of enemy vessels.

Players are advised to attack dreadnought's forward 90-degree arc as Tzenkethi were forced to sacrifice their forward-facing shield power to accommodate their vast weapons system. However, this tactic is not without risk, as it requires the player's ship to be durable enough to withstand a huge amount of beating. Abilities such as Brace for Impact, Hold Together or Secondary Shields can be used to achieve this.

When paired with Broln'ta Cruiser, players should avoid using abilities such as Gravity Well, which will pull all Tzenkethi ships together and prevent players from destroying the dreadnought as it'll be constantly healed and reinforced by nearby cruisers.




Level Normal Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
60 - 1 345 019 -

Vessels of the class

Image Named Vessels
200px Tzen'tar-class C.S.S Autarch's blade
200px Tzen'tar-class Tak'Terak
200px Tzen'tar-class Tzen'Korath

Missions involved

  • Faction Khitomer.png Tzenkethi Battlezone: Three Tzenkethi Dreadnoughts lead the Coalition operations in the Gon'Cra System. After taking control of the entire battlezone, Alliance players launch an attack on them.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “The Tzenkethi Front”: After four Tzenkethi bases have been destroyed by the Alliance battle gropu, Coalition sends a Tzen'tar Dreadnought to help protect the last one.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Gravity Kills”: After Alliance successfully puts an end to Coalition harvesting operations near the black hole, a Tzen'tar Dreadnought is sent to destroy the Alliance battle group.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Mirrors and Smoke”: Tzen'tar Dreadnought leads the Tzenkethi fleet sent to destroy the Kentari moon in Gon'Cra Nebula. Player faces the dreadnought in brief battle, but the Tzenkethi escape before the ship is destroyed.
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