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FederationU.S.S. Aventine
Vesta Class.jpg
Ezri Dax
Active (2410)

The U.S.S. Aventine is a Vesta-class Explorer and prototype of her class.

Sometime before 2409, Ezri Dax left Deep Space 9 and assumed command of the Aventine. She was replaced as DS9's counselor by Philipa Matthias.


  • Captain Ezri Dax, Commanding Officer
  • Commander T'Vai, First Officer
  • Lieutenant Grikka, Helm Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Julian Bashir, medical officer (post- “Home”)

Missions mentioned[]

  • ALL “Home”: At the end of the mission, Dr. Julian Bashir tells the player that he will be joining his wife and the crew of the Aventine in a mission to restore Havas-Kul to a more hospitable state as part of an effort to help the Hur'q rebuild their civilization.

Other involvement[]

  • "Tales from K-13 #3": Captain Dax and the Aventine arrive at Deep Space K-13. There, she uses her personal experience as a counselor in Starfleet, as well as the combined life experiences of the Dax symbiont, to speak with Commander Krom and convince him that the Federation and Klingon Empire are now allies.
  • "Spores": Doctor Bashir finds himself trapped in a cavern, hanging upside-down from a bundle of alien mycelium. He calls the Aventine for assistance, and Captain Dax, coordinating with Captain Kuumaarke of the L.S.S. Reskava, works to rescue him. Once aboard the Aventine, Bashir speaks with his wife and Kuumaarke about unusual fungi that have been encountered recently, including the Elachi, the Imaga megafungi, and the ketracel precursor. Ezri mentions a scientist named Paul Stamets, who had theorized about a multidimensional mycelial network, and Bashir suggests the idea has merits, and that much of the fungi discovered throughout the galaxy may have a common progenitor.


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