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The U.S.S. Voyager (NCC-74656) is an Intrepid-class Science Vessel renowned for her seven-year long solitary journey through the Delta Quadrant, as well her defense of Earth and Qo'noS during the Undine invasion of 2410. The current commanding officers are Admiral Kathryn Janeway and Rear Admiral Tuvok.

History[ | ]

Harry Kim Death

Harry Kim being blown into space through a breach in Voyager's hull in 2372

  • 2371: Voyager launches under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Her first mission, a combat mission to disrupt the Maquis, brings the ship to the Badlands, where she is transported 70,000 light years across the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant. In order to save the peaceful Ocampa, Janeway makes a fateful decision to destroy the array that brought the ship to the remote region, thus stranding her crew 75 years from home. Over the next seven years, Voyager manages to travel more than 30,000 light years on her own. During that time the ship's crew makes several impressive discoveries, accomplishments and first contacts. Many of these contacts were hostile, including engagements with the Voth, Hirogen, Undine and the Borg.
  • 2378: Voyager engages one of the central Borg Transwarp Hubs and deals a crippling blow to the collective. The ship escapes via a transwarp conduit and reappears less than a light year away from Earth, bringing her seven-year long odyssey to an end.
  • 2402: On a mission to survey the Zenas Expanse, Voyager makes first contact with the Lorians, an avian-like species.

Missions involved[ | ]

  • FED “Empress Sela”: The U.S.S. Voyager arrives to reinforce Starfleet efforts to defend Vulcan against an assault by the Romulan Star Empire.
  • ALL “Fluid Dynamics”: As commanding officer of the Voyager, Rear Admiral Tuvok leads a task force entering Fluidic Space in order to thwart the Borg's attempt to assimilate the Undine and their realm.
  • ALL “A Step Between Stars”: The commanding officer of the U.S.S. Gold makes a reference to Voyager's journey through the Delta Quadrant, saying she would have taken the same route home, if she had found a way out of the displaced Jenolan Dyson Sphere.
  • ALL “Surface Tension”: In early 2410, Tuvok asks the player to assist in the organization of a conference of major Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers on the future of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. The talks are cut short, when the Undine attack the Sol System. After Tuvok exploits an attempt of telepathic espionage by "Dr. Cooper" to his own advantage, he and the Voyager assist the player in defending the actual main target of the surprise attack: Qo'noS. Joint Klingon-Federation-Romulan forces prevail and Tuvok takes part in the subsequent negotiation of a cease-fire between the Klingon Empire and the Federation in the Great Hall of the High Council.
  • ALL “Mindscape”: The player arrives onboard Voyager to aid Admiral Tuvok in repelling continuing telepathic assaults from Cooper. During a mind-meld with Tuvok, the interior of Voyager becomes a representation of Tuvok's mind. After repelling the attacks, Voyager and the player track Cooper to Fluidic Space for a final confrontation.
  • ALL “Reunion”: Voyager joins the player in the Entaba System to help the Talaxians prepare to travel to a new homeworld.
  • ALL “The Dragon's Deceit”: Players rendezvous with Voyager in the Kartella System to prepare for a mission to infiltrate a major Vaadwaur base.
  • Voyager Secondary Deflector

    Voyager in the Turei System

    ALL “Alliances”: The player takes part in a meeting onboard Voyager to discuss the formation of a coalition of Delta Quadrant species to counter the threat of the Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Revolution”: Voyager meets the player in the Molinya System and transfers Seven of Nine aboard before departing.
  • ALL “What's Left Behind”: Tuvok invites the player aboard Voyager in the Nal Shadaan System in order to further analyze the strange device recovered earlier from Vaadwaur Prime. Harry Kim and Seven of Nine assist in the investigation in Engineering and the Astrometrics Lab, respectively.
  • ALL “Dust to Dust”: A flashback scene shows the death of the original Harry Kim by being blown out to space through a broken bulkhead of the Voyager in the year 2372. It is later mentioned, that in the present year 2410, the ship is on a classified mission to former Krenim, now Vaadwaur, space and Admiral Tuvok has to maintain radio silence.
  • ALL “Butterfly”: In a holodeck simulation conducted to test the results of using the Krenim temporal weapon to prevent the crew of Voyager from discovering and awakening the Vaadwaur, the player participates in an ill-fated diplomatic meeting with the powers of the Delta Quadrant, the meeting taking place aboard Voyager.
  • ALL “Message From Another Time V”: Commander Nereda gives an after-action report describing how she was tasked with preventing a group of Na'kuhl from reprogramming Dreadnought to destroy Voyager when the two met in the Delta Quadrant.
  • ALL “The Measure of Morality (Part 2)”: Voyager (or a simulacrum of it), under the command of Captain Janeway, along with several starships Enterprise, the U.S.S. Defiant, and the U.S.S. Discovery, aid the player's ship in a battle against a renegade Excalbian Borg Queen simulacrum.
  • ALL “Red Shift”: Voyager, under the command of Admiral Janeway, is present at Jupiter Station following an attack by the Terran Empire. Admiral Janeway holds a briefing aboard Voyager with the player.
  • ALL “Iuppiter Iratus”: Voyager, Defiant and Enterprise are part of the defense team alongside players defending Jupiter Station from a Terran Empire attack to steal classified data.

Voyager will also very occasionally appear in the Undine Battlezone and aid players in recapturing areas.

Armament[ | ]

Abilities[ | ]

Crew[ | ]

Tuvok aboard Voyager

Tuvok, Commanding Officer of Voyager and former Chief of Security

Currently serving[ | ]

Former crew (selection)[ | ]

Interior[ | ]

Further information: Intrepid Interiors

With the launch of Delta Rising, Voyager was given a full show-accurate interior for missions taking place onboard the ship.

Notes[ | ]

  • During her journey, Voyager's crew designed the Delta Class Shuttle. The class was mass-produced upon the ship's return to the Alpha Quadrant.
  • Until the launch of Season 9, Voyager's status was unknown, although several references were made to the ship and her journey through the Delta Quadrant. Intrepid-class ships in Starfleet mobs have also been spotted with the name "Voyager", though it is unlikely that these were supposed to represent the actual ship.
  • As of Season 9, Voyager is one of three "hero ships", which can be encountered by players, the others being two iterations of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Defiant. Notably, only the Constitution-class Enterprise was included with the launch of Star Trek Online.
  • In the mission “Surface Tension”, Voyager is shown using a Bio-Molecular Torpedo in a cutscene, though does not carry this weapon as part of her normal armament in any of the missions she appears in.
  • As of Season 10, nearly all of Voyager's senior staff have appeared in STO with the exception of Chakotay and Kathryn Janeway.
    • Janeway finally made her appearance in STO in Season 25.

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