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Ultimate Tech Upgrade
Account Bind On Pickup

Use this tech upgrade to set a single piece of equipment's Mark and Quality to its maximum potential.

Set Tech Points to Maximum
Set Research to Maximum
No Dilithium Cost

Use On:
Any Upgradable Item

This Upgrade Tech does not gain additional functionality during special Upgrade Weekend events.
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png
Ultimate Tech Upgrade icon.png
Epic icon.png

The Ultimate Tech Upgrade can be used in the Gear Upgrade System to set a single piece of equipment's Mark and Quality to the maximum level. It can be applied to any class of equipment and has no Dilithium cost. This tech is bound to the account and cannot be traded on the exchange.

It was originally only available from the Key Ring Bundle, available in the Zen Store during limited time promotions, but now can be found as Event rewards or other purchases, such as Mudd's Market items.