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Eric Cooper Undine
An Undine leader.

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Fluidic Space
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The Undine (known to the Borg as Species 8472) are a non-humanoid species indigenous to fluidic space, a parallel universe filled with organic fluid rather than vacuum. They are referred to by the Klingons as "qa'meH quv", meaning "replacers of honor with dishonor."

Physical features[ | ]

Their DNA is formed by a triple helix which makes them very resistant to almost all forms of biological attack, including Borg assimilation. They stand approximately 3 meters tall and have a tripedal structure (three legs).

The Borg consider them to be "the apex of biological evolution".

Culture[ | ]

Little is known about Undine culture. They are quite xenophobic, and rule their part in fluidic space with force. They see all other creatures as inferior.

Technology[ | ]

Undine Infiltrator

An Undine

The Undine utilize organic technology comprised of the same material they themselves are made of. This makes their vessels unusually resilient against Borg attacks. They are also capable of shape-shifting using a form of genetic manipulation, and can switch between different forms at will. Undine ships use Fluidic Antiproton weapons.

History[ | ]

  • 2373:
    • The Borg discover the existence of the Undine, and invade fluidic space in an attempt to assimilate the species. The plan backfires, as the Undine are immune to their attacks and begin striking back at the Collective's territory in the Delta Quadrant.
    • The U.S.S. Voyager - having been stranded in the Delta Quadrant three years earlier - wanders into the crossfire and narrowly escapes destruction at the hands of a Nicor Bioship. The crew discovers that the Undine intend to wipe out all life in the galaxy, and therefore represent a greater threat than the Borg. They form an alliance with the Collective, helping them to develop technology to use against the invaders in return for safe passage through Borg space.
  • 2374:
    • Equipped with enhanced Borg technology, Voyager enters fludic space and destroys four Undine vessels in a show of force. After returning to normal space and defeating thirteen more, the Undine determine that the invasion is not worth the price and withdraw their ships.
  • 2375:
    • Having identified the Federation as a greater threat than the Borg, the Undine prepare to infiltrate Starfleet using terraspheres as training ground for their agents. Voyager eventually discovers this, and Captain Janeway is able to open diplomatic channels and negotiate a cease-fire.
  • 2387:
    • While recovering on Vulcan from wounds sustained during a battle against Nero, Worf is attacked by an Undine. He manages to defeat his attacker, but is forced to disintegrate the body.
  • 2389:
    • During a baseball game between the Pike City Pioneers and the S'Yahazah City Talons, a team representing the Gorn Hegemony in diplomatic negotiations with the Klingon Empire, the pitcher for the Talons abruptly reverts to Undine form. The infiltrator is swiftly killed by the other members of the Gorn team. It is suggested that the reversion was caused by an excessive amount of alcoholic Meridor consumed by the Undine.
  • Date Unknown:
  • 2395:
    • Ja'rod, the leader of the Klingon House of Duras, is attacked by three shape-shifting aliens during his shore leave on Rha'darus. He kills two of them and manages to incapacitate the third for further interrogation. The shape-shifter reveals that it is an Undine, and that it was sent to kill and subsequently impersonate Ja'rod to infiltrate the Klingon High Command.
  • 2396:
  • 2399:
    • The I.K.S. Kang returns to Qo'noS with evidence showing that Undine infiltrators are controlling the Gorn Hegemony and that they are responsible for the current conflict with the Klingon Empire. Chancellor J'mpok subsequently declares war on the Hegemony.
    • A human woman is arrested for the murder of her husband, who she suspected of being an Undine infiltrator.
  • 2400:
    • Worf makes a personal appeal to the Federation Council and Starfleet for Federation support of the Klingons' fight against the Undine infiltration of the Alpha Quadrant. When he is rebuffed, he cuts ties with the Federation.
  • 2401:
    • Councilor Konjah of the Klingon High Council is revealed to be an Undine after he is attacked by Lethean Mercenaries. The members of the House of Konjah are killed or forced into hiding.
  • 2403:
    • The Gorn Hegemony surrenders to the Klingon Empire, and the Klingons publicly execute more than a dozen Undine infiltrators in the Gorn government and military.
  • Date Unknown:
    • Elim Garak claims to have encountered an Undine infiltrator disguised as a member of a security detail while escorting Natima Lang to the Detapa Council. According to Garak, the Undine's disguise momentarily failed. The suspect was debriefed, but later disappeared.
    • An attempted temporal incursion by the Undine is foiled by the Department of Temporal Investigations. It is rumoured, but not confirmed, that Temporal Investigations played a much larger role in the fight against the Undine.
    • Captain Data, Geordi La Forge, and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are able to seal a massive rift to fluidic space.

Missions involved[ | ]

Missions formerly involved[ | ]

Politics[ | ]

The Undine seem to have some form of state and military hierarchy, but neither the name nor the constitution are known.

Military[ | ]

Ground forces[ | ]

NPCs[ | ]

See List of Undine NPCs

Notes[ | ]

  • The word "Undine" comes from the Latin word for "wave", "unda", which relates to the nature of the Undine's realm, "fluidic space". "Undine" may also refer to undines, water elementals from the works of the German alchemist Paracelsus, also relating to the Undine's realm.
  • When using the full Aegis set against Undine ships prior to Season 9, the Reactive shielding procs both Antiproton and Plasma resistance. This indicates that the Undine energy weapon is some kind of Plasma/Antiproton hybrid, similar to the Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Beam Array.
    • Following Season 9, Undine ship NPCs use Fluidic Antiproton weapons.
  • The Undine also used to be featured in the now removed mission “Divide et Impera”, in which an Undine impersonating Admiral Zelle sends the player on a wild-goose chase to the Vendor System in order to assume the identity of Commander Selok.

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